About Us

I am Mohammad Rahim Uddin, the founder of the popular Digital Bongo blog in Bangladesh. I have been involved in writing, research, and blogging for a long time; you can call me a professional blogger. Currently, I am writing and sharing knowledge about various digital services, including birth registration, passport, national ID, and visa, along with my team on your favorite Digital Banga blog.

Digital Bongo is one of the most trusted informative blogs in Bangladesh, where we discuss in detail various online services such as e-passports, VISA, National Identity Cards (NID), and many more related topics.

In most cases, we have noticed that most Bangladeshi people are not much friendly with reading English articles. Due to this, they are not getting the full benefit of what they are searching for on Google. For that reason, we are discussing these online services in Bengali on our tutorial website so that all Bengali people in the world can easily get a clear view about these topics.